Before filling out the application please read through the Program at a Glance, the securing puppy/ Interest list details and the legally binding Contract under the menu tab to make sure I'm the right breeder for you to work with. Please email me the answers to all the questions at Completing the application doesn't guarantee a puppy. I am sorry I am so particular and ask so many personal questions. I couldn't do the job I'm doing with a clear conscience if I weren't as picky as I am. Think about it, I am responsible for how the puppy spends the next 10-20 years of his/her life. One mistake on my part could end in tragedy. What I pledge is if you're matched with one of my puppies, I will be there for unconditional and unsurpassed support for the rest of your puppies life!

Full names of all adults living in home:__________________________________________________________________________________________

Complete Address:_______________________________________________________________________________

Phone number:___________________________________________________________________________________


Your employer:___________________________Spouses employer:_______________________________________

1.  Do you want a male or female puppy or either? Why? ________________________________________________________________________________________

2. How did you find out about me?__________________________________________________________________

3. How many individuals live in your household including children? Ages?________________________________

4. Have you ever owned a pet before?___________What did you like the most/least about the dog?_________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Do you own any other pets? How many? Do they get along with other dogs?_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

6. If you own dogs. Please list the breed, sex, age and whether or not they have been spayed or neutered._________________________________________________________________________________________

7. What type of dog are you looking for? Are you looking for a companion, emotional support, therapy or facility dog?_________________________________________________________________________________________________

8. Circle the personality traits that you're looking for in a dog. Assertive, submissive, confident, reserved, highly motivated, laid back, independent, high human focus, high energy level, relaxed, sensitive. Anything else specific you're looking for in a dog?_________________________________________________________________________

9. Do you live in a house or apartment? ________________________________________________________________________________________________

10. Do you have a fenced in yard? ___________________________________________________________________

11. Are there any poisonous plants/trees such as Oleander or Sago Palms in your yard? __________________________________________________________________________________________________

12. How do you plan to make sure your dog gets daily exercise?__________________________________________________________________________________________________

13. If you currently own a dog, please list the food that you feed.______________________________________________________________________________________________

14. Have you ever had to re-home a pet? Pease explain.____________________________________________________________________________________________

15. If you purchase a puppy where will he/she spend most of his/her time in the day? In the night?___________________________________________________________________________________________________

16. Do you or the other adults in the home work outside of the home? How many hours are you all away from

home per day?____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

17. Is there anyone who will be able to check in on the puppy/dog if you're all gone for extended periods of time?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

18. When traveling, who would care for your pet? Do you have any trips planned for the first month of the puppy's stay?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

19. Do you plan on training your puppy? How?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

20. Puppies can be costly! They need vaccines, yearly exams, spay/neuter surgery, grooming, etc.

Are you willing to commit to taking care of the dog for the rest of his/her life________________________________

Puppies can be time consuming! They need to be potty trained, fed, bathed, etc. They also need a lot of time and attention. Are you ready to take on this type of commitment?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

21. If you reside outside of the state of Arizona. How would you travel to come get the puppy? How long of a drive or plane ride would it be to get to my home to pick up the puppy?____________________________________________


22. Why do you want a puppy and what would make you an amazing parent to one of my puppies?______________________________________________________________________________________________________

23. Will the puppy ever be left in the garage or alone outdoors? How do you feel about doggy doors?______________________________________________________________________________________________________

24. If something were ever to happen to you, who would care for the dog? Would the dog be familiar with this individual? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

25. Are you willing to show me your drivers license and a current utility bill as identification on the day you come to pick up your puppy? ________________________(The address on your driver's license and utility bill must match the address provided on the questionnaire.)

26. Tell me more yourself/yourselves. Please provide me with any other information that may help me in my decision making process. Your welcome to friend me on Facebook and or Instagram to help me to get to know you better as well!____________________________________________________________________________________________________

27. Have you read through the legally binding contact under the menu tab?________________

28. Are you willing to show me your home, yard and/or outdoor play/exercise area via video call? (I would be happy to show you my home and yard during the video call as well. Transparency is crucial.  _______________________________

29. Communication is essential to my program and my goals as a breeder. Are you willing to provide me with updates, answer questions and provide photos and videos on occasion to help me better the breed if chosen to receive a puppy?_________________________Also, if you're chosen to receive a puppy, are you willing to join my private Facebook group for puppy owners?________________ 


30. Are you in compliance with the spay/neuter terms that follow?_____________Permanent ownership of puppy and genetic/health guarantee are based upon compliance with spay/neuter agreement.  Puppies are being sold on a strict legally binding contract. Breeder has the right to  spay/neuter puppies before sending home if she chooses to do so. If puppies aren't spayed/neutered when sold the new owner is responsible for making sure the procedure is completed on time. Females are to be spayed by 6 months. Males must be neutered by 8 months. Breeder must receive written proof via email of spay/neuter from the licensed veterinarian that performed the procedure in the form of a certificate no later than 2 weeks after the 6 month mark for a female and no later than 2 weeks after the 8 month mark for a male. Breeder must also be given permission to call the vet clinic to confirm spay/neuter was completed on time. If breeder doesn't receive the results or cannot confirm the procedure was completed, puppy will be returned to breeder without a refund.  A $5000 fine will be charged for breaching the contract and legal action will be taken. Furthermore, if the dog purchased from breeder produces a litter, owner will be fined $3000 per puppy and will still need to give up rights to the dog and any remaining offspring or progeny without compensation. Finally, microchip will not be transferred into owners name until proof of spay/neuter is provided. (On another note, I am fair. I am just looking out for the puppies. If you need an extra week or so because of special circumstances contact me and we will work out a resolution.)



List 3 references- At least two should be professional. List your vet reference for present dogs you own or past dogs if they are no longer with you.



Phone:_____________________________Email address:___________________________________________________________



Phone:_____________________________Email address:___________________________________________________________



Phone:_____________________________Email address:___________________________________________________________

4.Vet reference:_________________________________address:__________________________________________________________


Phone:_____________________________Email address:_______________________________________________



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