Please read carefully! This contract is legally binding. I'm sorry that my contract is so strict. Unfortunately, I have learned first hand that not everyone who wants to purchase a puppy is honest or has the best interest of the animal at heart. It's my job as an ethical breeder to do everything I possibly can to make sure my puppies go to loving and nurturing pet homes. Always remember when filling out the contract that I'm fair. If you need an extra week or two because of special circumstances to meet contract policies, contact me and we will work out a resolution. We will fill out the form when you come to pick up the puppy. I will provide you with a copy once we both complete and sign/date the form.)

Puppy Sales Contract


This agreement dated as of _________________________________________________________is between _______________________________________________________________________________(Breeder/seller)


Breeder/Seller name:__________________________________________________________________________



Buyer name:__________________________________________________________________________________



Puppy name:__________________________________________________________________________________




Date of Pickup:_______________________________________________________________________________

Purchase Price:________________________________________________________________________________________

(Please bring your drivers license with your current address and a current matching utility bill when you come to visit the the puppy. Your driver's license must be current, must have your legal name and must match the residential address you provide on the application or puppy will not be released. The person who applied for the puppy must pick up the puppy on pick up day.)


1. If breeder/seller determines that the puppy has been abused or new owner breaks ANY of the terms of this contract, the breeder/seller has right to take possession of the dog without a refund and take legal action.


2. The buyer understands that he/she is purchasing a toy breed animal. The dogs I sell will not grow to be very big. The buyer agrees to not leave puppy/dog outside alone. Arizona is known for hawks, owls, snakes, coyotes, etc....which could result in death for a small breed puppy/dog. Also, the buyer agrees that the purchased dog will never be left in a garage or chained outside. 


3. The buyer agrees to never use the puppy/dog for research, testing or vivisection. If used for research/vivisection/testing purposes, the breeder/seller has right to take back ownership of the puppy/dog. There will be no refund and a $5000 dollar penalty will be charged plus any travel expenses. 


4. The breeder/seller doesn't guarantee adult size, adult weight, or coloring/markings on puppy/dog. 


5. The buyer agrees to never sell/give away/rehome/transfer/release ownership of the purchased puppy/dog to anyone without breeder's written consent. The buyer understands puppy/dog must reside in the home with the individual who was approved on the application. Breeder/seller must be notified if buyer no longer wants the puppy/dog. Breeder/seller will gladly take back the dog or assist buyer in finding a suitable home. Buyer understands that he/she will no longer have any claims to the animal if returned to breeder/seller. Buyer shall release all rights and furnish breeder/seller with medical records.


6. Buyer agrees to not act as an agent in the purchase of puppy/dog. Buyer agrees that the dog and his/her offspring may not under any circumstances be given to or sold by or through any commercial broker, wholesale establishment, chain store, catalog sales, dog dealer or pet store. The breeder/seller has the right to take back ownership of puppy/dog if buyer tries to sell/give away/rehome or transfer ownership of the dog/puppy in any of the ways listed in this contract without written permission/consent from breeder/seller.  There will also be no refund, the puppy/dog will be returned to breeder/seller, legal action will be taken and a $5000 dollar penalty will be charged plus any travel expenses. 


7. Buyer understands that the puppy/dog will never be intentionally placed in a dog shelter. If dog is intentionally placed in shelter there will be a $5000 penalty. Contact me instead, I'll gladly take back the dog. 


8. Buyer will never euthanize puppy/dog without a licensed veterinarian's recommendation. There will be no refund and puppy/dog will be returned to breeder/seller and a $3000 penalty will be charged plus travel expenses. Please contact me if you cannot care for the dog. I'd be happy to find a new home for the dog.

9. Buyer agrees to notify breeder/seller if there is a change in address, phone number or email in order to keep the lines of communication open. Buyer agrees to remain in contact with breeder/seller in regards to puppy/dog by providing a current photo and a short update at least once every 3 months for the first year, then at least once a year thereafter. Breeder/seller will contact buyer with a friendly reminder if buyer forgets. Buyer also gives breeder permission to repost any photos/videos that buyer posts on social media in regards to purchased puppy for marketing/advertising purposes. Also, by signing this contract the Buyer agrees to answer questions about purchased puppy/dog on occasion to help breeder/seller better the breed and the program. 

10. Breeder/seller is the legal owner of puppy/dog and has the lawful right to transfer ownership of puppy/dog to buyer upon buyer's full payment for purchased puppy/dog. If contract is broken, breeder/seller has the legal right to take back legal ownership of puppy/dog without a refund and to charge the monetary penalties described in this contract.


11. Buyer understands that by signing this contract, Buyer is giving breeder the right to contact any veterinarian that has cared for the puppy/dog via phone or email if there is ever a question about any of the contract policies being upheld. Buyer gives breeder the right to show any veterinarian that has cared for the purchased puppy/dog a copy of this signed contract if proof of permission is needed to discuss the well being or contract policies pertaining to the purchased puppy/dog.



To the best of the breeder/seller's knowledge the puppy being sold is of sound health. The puppy has been checked over by a licensed veterinarian and found to be in good health at the time of the exam. The buyer is responsible for having the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 business days of purchase. If the licensed veterinarian finds the puppy/dog unfit for sale, the puppy/dog may be returned to breeder/seller for a full refund of the purchase price. (Breeder/seller is not responsible for travel expenses.) The veterinarian must provide a written/signed statement deeming the puppy/dog unfit for purchase which must be received by breeder/seller within 48 hours of veterinary exam. Breeder has the right to get a second opinion by another licensed veterinarian. If both the buyer and the breeder's licensed veterinarians agree that the puppy/dog is unfit for sale than a full refund will be issued. This guarantee excludes any health conditions caused by buyer's ill treatment, neglect or any issues that arise from transportation from breeder/seller's home to buyer's home.


Breeder/seller understands how heartbreaking it would be to lose a family member. As a result, all puppies come with a two year genetic health guarantee as long as the breeder/seller receives proof that the puppy was checked by a licensed veterinarian within 3 business days of pick up. The genetic guarantee covers untreatable life threatening genetic defects of the heart, kidneys and liver for up to two years from purchase date. The buyer will receive a refund as long as buyer's veterinarian and breeder/seller's veterinarian both confirm that the puppy suffers from a life threatening genetic defect of the heart, kidney or liver. In case of death, a necropsy will be required to determine if death has a genetic cause before receiving a refund.


If a vet check by a licensed veterinarian isn't completed within 3 business days of purchase, the genetic guarantee and health agreement are null and void. Email, a copy of the vet check paperwork to breeder/seller to activate the warranty. Furthermore, if buyer fails to provide puppy with basic vaccinations/veterinary care, breeder/seller has the right to take back the puppy without a refund. 


Common conditions in Shih Tzus that are correctable and/or non-life threatening such as delayed closure/hernia, undescended testicles, pinched nostrils, hypoglycemia, open fontanel, retained teeth, crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, crooked tail, etc... aren't covered under the health contract. Viral and bacterial infections, allergic reactions, vomiting, and diarrhea aren't covered by this agreement either.  


Intestinal parasites/worms are common in puppies and don't qualify a puppy as unfit. All puppies will be up to date on core vaccinations and deworming. Buyer is responsible for completing the rest of the puppy vaccination series and deworming protocol. Breeder/seller highly recommends that you keep your new puppy away from unvaccinated animals, pet stores, dog parks, and other places that there could possibly be unvaccinated dogs until the vaccine/deworming series is complete. PARVOVIRUS is real and can be fatal! Remember, when you're in the vet clinic, ALL FOUR PAWS OFF THE FLOOR! The buyer will receive proof of vet health check/deworming/vaccinations in the Puppy Packet provided on puppy pick up day.


A $500 non refundable reservation fee/deposit is required to secure a place on the litter list. The entire balance minus the reservation fee/deposit is due when puppy is picked up. If an unforeseeable accident, illness or demise were to happen to the puppy before pick up day, the deposit will be returned to the buyer. Only cash is accepted on pick up day. You're also welcome to apply and pay through Good Dog. 



Permanent ownership of puppy and genetic/health guarantee are based upon compliance with spay/neuter agreement. The puppy/dog is being sold solely as a companion animal. Puppies are being sold on a strict legally binding spay/neuter contract. (Breeder/seller has the right and may choose to spay/neuter puppies before sending home.)  Buyer is responsible for all costs in regards to spaying/neutering puppy/dog if procedure isn't completed before leaving breeder/seller's home.


Females are to be spayed by 6 months. Males must be neutered by 8 months. Breeder/seller must receive documentation via email of spay/neuter from the licensed veterinarian that performed the procedure in the form of a certificate no later than 2 weeks after the 6 month mark for a female and no later than 2 weeks after the 8 month mark for a male. By signing this legally binding contract, Buyer is giving Breeder/seller the authorization to call/email the vet clinic to confirm spay/neuter was completed on time and that the certificate is valid. Breeder will provide veterinarian with a copy of this signed contract if veterinarian requires proof of permission. If breeder/seller cannot confirm the spay/neuter procedure was completed, legal action will take place and puppy will be returned to breeder/seller without a refund.  A $5000 fine will be charged for breaching the contract and legal action will be taken.


Furthermore, if the dog purchased from breeder/seller produces a litter, buyer will be fined $3000 per puppy and will still need to give up rights to the dog and all remaining offspring/progeny without compensation. If the puppy has an untimely death before spay/neuter can be completed, a certificate of death from a licensed veterinarian must be emailed to breeder. Buyer also gives breeder the legal right to call/email the vet clinic to confirm the death certificate is legitimate. Once again, breeder will provide veterinarian with a copy of this signed contract if veterinarian requires proof of permission. If breeder cannot confirm death, breeder has the right to charge a $10,000 fine and take legal action which may lead to even more monetary fines for the buyer.

Lastly, if puppy turns up lost before spay/neuter can be completed at 6 to 8 months the breeder has the right to charge a $10,000 fee and take legal action which may lead to more monetary fines for the buyer. Breeder is looking for RESPONSIBLE pet owners that will do everything in their power to protect their puppy. There are other breeders out there with much more lenient contracts if you find my contract too harsh. My goal is to do everything in my power to provide my puppies with the very best homes. Each and every puppy born into my home is part of my legacy and owns a piece of my heart.


Finally, microchip will not be transferred into new owners name until proof of spay/neuter is provided. (On another note, I am fair. I am just looking out for the puppies. If you need an extra week or so because of special circumstances contact me and we will work out a resolution.)

I________________________________________________________________________(purchaser's name) agree to have the puppy/dog I am purchasing spayed/neutered no later than 6 months for a female and 8 months for a male. I will have the licensed veterinarian that performed the procedure provide the breeder/seller with written documentation in the form of a spay/neuter certificate within 2 weeks of the procedure being completed. I______________________________________________(purchaser's name) give breeder/seller permission to contact my veterinarian by phone or email to verify spay/neuter has been completed on time. I understand that breeder may provide the veterinarian that performed the procedure with a copy of this signed contract if proof of permission is required. If breeder cannot verify through the veterinarian that the procedure was completed on time and in accordance with the contract then the breeder has the right to take back the purchased puppy. The buyer will lose all rights to the puppy and receive no refund. Legal action may be taken and the above fees will be charged. I, the buyer, understand that any violations to the terms of this spay/neuter agreement or any of the other terms stated in this contract will come with the monetary and legal penalties listed in this contract. I, the buyer agree, to pay as a penalty the sum of $5000 if purchased puppy/dog isn't spayed/neutered according to the contract requirements. I, the buyer agree, to pay and additional $3000 per puppy if the purchased puppy/dog is involved in producing a litter of puppies intentionally or accidentally. The same rules and penalties apply to both male and female dogs that are involved in creating offspring. If breeder/seller finds out the purchased puppy wasn't spayed/neutered by 6 months for a female and 8 months for a male, breeder/seller has the right to take legal action, charge the fees mentioned in the contract and take back legal ownership of the puppy/dog and all remaining progeny without a refund. Furthermore, all warranties, health agreements and guarantees will be voided.


Buyer sign and date legally binding spay/neuter agreement:_______________________________________________________________________


Breeder/seller sign and date legally binding spay/neuter agreement:_______________________________________________________________________


Buyer and breeder/seller understand no other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except as stated above. Buyer and breeder/seller agree to all of the terms and conditions described in this contract in regards to puppy/dog being purchased. Buyer agrees not to sue the breeder/seller and to pay all court costs should any suit be brought against the breeder/seller regarding the purchased puppy/dog. Any issues relating to this agreement, are governed by and understood in accordance with the laws of Arizona with no regard to the conflicts of laws provisions thereof.


Both buyer and breeder/seller signify acceptance of all statements and agreements mentioned in this contract by signing and dating below. If buyer breaks the fundamentals of this contract, breeder/seller has the right to take back ownership of the purchased puppy/dog without refund and charge fees mentioned in the contract. All of the agreements in this contract are legally binding. This agreement and all matters that are related shall be governed by the laws of the state of Arizona. This entire agreement supersedes any prior oral or written agreements, negotiations or discussions. 


In witness whereof, breeder/seller and buyer have executed this agreement effective by signing and dating below.


Signed and dated by Breeder/Seller:____________________________________________________________________________


Signed and dated by Buyer:__________________________________________________________________________________