Ethical Breeder of Shih Tzu Puppies in Arizona



  1. I am a firm believer in feeding my pets the healthiest food I possibly can. As I said before, my dogs are family members. High quality food may cost more but your pet deserves the very best. I currently feed my dogs Just Food For Dogs fresh/frozen human grade food. I also feed my dogs FreshPet Vital Grain Free when I  want to switch it up. FreshPet has great products for all life stages! You can purchase Fresh Pet Vital at any Petco or PetSmart. 

  2.  I free feed dry dog food as well. I have the dry dog food sitting out for my adult pets at all times. I take the food away at bedtime. It may be easier during the potty training phase to schedule meals. Just make sure the puppy is eating at least 3-4 meals a day, plus a few snacks. A young puppy should have access to water all day. I usually rotate dry dog food as well. Some of my favorite dry dog foods are Vital Essentials Freeze-dried mini nibs, Stella and Chewy's Lil Bites, Stella and Chewy Meal Mixers, and Royal Canin Puppy. 

  3. I will send you home with a few samples of whatever kibble I am feeding at the time your puppy comes home. If you do decide to switch to a different food go slowly over several days in order to avoid an upset stomach. Also, try and choose a food that has meat as the first ingredient and no legumes! Read the ingredient list! Do your research! Quality food will help ensure you pet lives a long healthy life!

  4. All of my adult dogs drink from a pet drinking fountain. The puppies will be trained to use both the water fountain and a water bowl to make it easier on new owners. But, I do find the water fountain to be more sanitary, cleaner, and it helps with facial staining. Furthermore, I haven't had a dog yet that hasn't preferred the drinking fountain. You can find one on Amazon, Chewy.com, or your local pet store. Let me know if you want more information on the one I use. Please make sure you clean out all water bottles with soap and a baby bottle brush every couple of days. Otherwise your water bottle will collect bacteria overtime. The same advice goes for water bowls and food bowls.

  5. Toy breed puppies are prone to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It can be caused by stress, too much exercise, and infrequent feedings. Puppies are especially prone to this condition. It is important that they receive frequent feedings to prevent low glucose levels. Some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia include weakness, sleepiness, shivering and in severe cases unconsciousness. It is essential to get some form of sugar into the dog if you notice any of these symptoms. I usually stick a dab of honey, corn syrup, or Nutrical paste on my finger if I feel my dog/puppy is suffering from low blood sugar. If the symptoms are severe contact your vet immediately! I am not a doctor. I also use a dab of honey, corn syrup or Nutrical paste when my dogs have any type of vomiting or diarrhea. It's a good idea to have some unflavored pedialyte on hand for vomiting, diarrhea or dehydration as well.

  6. Xylitol is a sugar alternative that is in a lot of products now a days. It is commonly found in most gum and baked goods. It is highly toxic to dogs! My dog swallowed a piece of gum with xylitol when she was little. I ended up having to take her to the vet for medical intervention. It doesn't take a whole lot to make a tiny toy breed dog sick!

  7. Chocolate, grapes and raisins are also toxic to dogs as well.

  8. Many types of plants and mushrooms are also poisonous to your pet. For example, Oleanders and Sago palms are very toxic to dogs. It is important that you always supervise your pet when outdoors especially when they are puppies. Puppies will eat just about anything!

  9. I suggest you install the PUPTOX app or another like it on your phone before you bring the puppy home. It's a great resource that will give you more specific information on dog toxins.

  10. Always supervise your dog outdoors! Toy breed dogs don't stand much of a chance against hawks, owls, snakes, scorpions, coyotes, etc. I have snake proofed my yard. Also, my dogs only go in our yard supervised. 

  11. I suggest waiting until your puppy has completed the entire set of puppy vaccines and deworming protocol (usually around 14-18 weeks) before you expose him or her to pet stores, dog parks, dog daycare and other places where there are possibly unvaccinated dogs. Puppies have an underdeveloped immune system. There are viruses like Parvovirus that can be lethal!

  12. Be careful if you take your toy breed dog to dog parks or around other dogs especially if you're unfamiliar with their temperament. I never take my dogs to dog parks. There are too many risks for a small breed dog.

  13. I don't recommend rawhide for small breed dogs. Rawhide can pose a choking hazard. Cooked bones are a choking hazard as well! My dogs love bully sticks which are a safer alternative. 

  14. I also pressure cook or boil chicken breasts and beef and shred it into small pieces. I use it instead of treats for training, meal toppers, etc. I freeze what I don't need for later. Boiled egg is treat my dogs enjoy as well. Furthermore, I use freeze dried chicken hearts, freeze dried minnows and other freeze dried organ meat from Vital Essentials and Stella and Chewy's as treats. You can purchase these items through Amazon or Chewy.com. 

  15. I suggest the following supplies when preparing for the new puppy's arrival...a puppy playpen, a crate, pee pads or grass pads, puppy wipes, a dog car seat or seat belt for safe car travel, dog food/kibble, treats, dog food and water bowls, treats, honey/corn syrup or Nutrical, unflavored pedialyte, dog water fountain, leash, harness, dog collar with ID tag, dog shampoo and conditioner, ear cleaner, brush, comb, tooth brush, tooth paste, filtered water, dog bed, toys, non toxic enzyme cleaner for cleaning up accidents, poo bags, and a good veterinarian!

  16. Make sure to puppy proof your home and yard! Remember puppies will get into everything. If you have a swimming pool watch that the puppy doesn't fall in! Go through your home and make sure anything toxic including plants are placed out of reach before the new puppy arrives. 

  17. Here's a link to my favorite Amazon items that I use for my puppies/dogs. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/31T4PG3CU0ND3?ref_=wl_share