We Love Cuddle Time❤️🐶

Below are some tips/reminders on puppy care.

1. I suggest leaving kibble out all day until puppies are 11/12 weeks of age to avoid low blood sugar/hypoglycemia. After the 12 week mark feed 3 meals a day. I will be sending home a print out regard the feeding schedule in the puppy packet. I feed a couple of snacks a day as well. Fresh veggies, frozen blueberries or a freeze dried minnow are greatly appreciated around my home.

2. Brush teeth and hair daily.

3. Provide fresh water and food daily.

4. Clean food and water bowls daily.

5. Play with your puppy often. He/she will sleep much better if he/she has had enough stimulation/ exercise.

6. Take your puppy potty often when he/she first arrives home. Remember the puppy is learning about an entirely new environment.

7. Most importantly, provide your puppy with unconditional love and lots of cuddles. It will benefit both you and your puppy, I promise!❤️🐶❤️