Female vs Male

When it comes to personality there really isn’t a difference between a male or female when it comes to choosing a Shih Tzu. In my opinion each of them has their own unique personality. Shih Tzus we’re bred to be companion animals. That being said, from my experience both the females and males are lovable and lively dogs with a dash of a stubborn streak.🐶💕

The only real issues that you will find come from unaltered Shih Tzus. Fortunately, those are problems that I as a breeder have to consider but don‘t apply to pet only Shih Tzus.

One difference where gender should be considered is in homes with more than one dog. Usually, but not always, it is easier if you already own a dog to bring in the opposite gender. Two of the same gender sometimes struggle more to determine who’s the alpha/leader. It’s always a good idea if you already own a dog to see how he or she interacts with both male and female dogs before making a final decision. 🐶❤️