8 Week Update

The puppies love playtime outside of the playpen more than anything these days. Unfortunately it isn’t safe for them to be free all day long at this point. I usually take them out a few times a day. (I gave my adult dogs free roam of the house when they were puppies only after potty training was completed.) The puppies all stand near the door of the playpen and whine when they see any human walk by. My family and I make sure to ignore this behavior and don’t ever reward it. When we see them calm in the playpen we seize the opportunity and offer a word of praise and/or a treat. Then I take them to the potty area to go potty. I offer more praise and or treats. Finally, I let them have their play session. It Is important to reinforce desired behaviors through positive reinforcement.

It’s funny how much it reminds me of when I used to be a teacher. The same rules really do apply! Structure, routine, positive conditioning, and consistency are key elements to success.

Here are some more photos of the puppies. They really do get more beautiful by the day!❤️