Potty Training Basics/Puppies First Few Days

-Start setting everything up before puppy’s arrival! Make a safe space in the home for the puppy. Include a crate and/or playpen. you‘ll also need food, water, bowls, training treats.. etc.

-Puppy proof your home. Install the PupTox application on your phone. A lot of food and plant items are toxic to dogs. Puppies put everything in their mouths so please keep them in the playpen area when you're not able to supervise.

-Purchase a harness, collar, ID tags. Shih Tzus are a brachycephalic breed. You should never attach a leash to the collar. It can put pressure on the neck and cause permanent damage. A collar is fine for holding ID tags. A fitted harness is a better option for walks.

-Think about how your new puppy will travel home. You’ll need some type of seat belt restraint or a crate that can be attached to the seat belt.

- Introduce people/ other pets slowly. Going to a new home away from Mom, littermates and other familiar faces can be a bit overwhelming to a puppy at first. -Start potty training basics-Show your puppy the place/area you want him/her to go potty in as soon as possible. When he/she goes say key word such as “Go Potty.” Take him/her out every 2-3 hours to potty during the day, upon waking, after eating, after a play session, at bedtime. I wouldn’t let the puppy go more than 5/6 hours overnight without a potty break in the beginning. Make sure to praise puppy and give him her a treat every time he/she eliminates in the correct place. Also, purchase an enzymatic cleaner to clean up accidents. Try not to scold the puppy it will only make matters worse. Redirect by taking him/ her immediately to the correct potty area. -Crate/Playpen- I attach a crate to a playpen. You can find them at a great price on Amazon. I would allow puppy access to both the crate and the play pen during times of supervision. I only close the door to the crate at bedtime and when I’m not able to supervise. After potty training is complete I allow the puppy access to playpen, crate and home if your comfortable. The playpen still comes in handy when the puppy needs a safe place away from others. If you have to be gone for long periods of time on a frequent basis you may want to consider having someone to come take puppy to the bathroom or you may need potty pads. - Feeding schedule-I free feed my adults. Puppies may do better being fed 3-4 times a day during the potty training phase. Water should always be available.

-Side not- Arizona is scorching in the summer. Please check the ground to make sure the area isn’t too hot in the potty area so puppy won’t burn his/her feet. Also, always do a quick check for snakes, scorpions, hawks, etc.🐶