7 Weeks Old Today!

The puppies are 7 weeks old today! Their personalities are really starting to shine through. I’ll put photos of each pup below along with my observations to help you all get to know each puppy a little better. 😄🐶 On a side note, the puppies are still young and developing. Their personalities have just begun to take shape. These are just my observations to date.

Olivia- She’s a soulful Shih Tzu. I’ve never seen a dog with such great eye contact! Whenever someone walks by her she runs up and stares into his/her eyes. She is definitely a huge fan of humans. She wants to be held and cuddled all day. As of right now, she is my biggest female structurally and weight wise. She also has the perfect face! Those eyes are sure to melt the heart of many!

Maggie is very sweet and calm. She will let me brush and trim her hair without getting nervous at all! She’s definitely laid back but also very cuddly and lovable. When I put out the food she is content waiting if there are a few food hogs in the way. She loves to cuddle with her litter mates as well. All in all, she is a very content little puppy.

Violet is a spunky and feisty one. She was the first to learn how to get on to Ruby’s elevated cot. She’s also an escape artist. If I have them out of the playpen to run around… I always have to watch her… she likes