Updated Weights and Cute Puppy Pictures

All of the puppies are growing well. They are all over the 3 pound mark at 6 weeks old.🐶❤️ Ruby has officially decided she’s done nursing. The puppies aren’t thrilled about this development but its common around this time. They are all taking well to puppy food now. It gets a little messy but they’re getting the hang of it slowly but surely! As I have stated in my website... Breeder has first pick. I will probably be holding back a female from this litter. I’m still evaluating the puppies structure and temperament. But, I am most likely holding back the black and white female. I believe she would be a great addition to my breeding program. One of a breeders main goals should always be to better the breed. I can only do this if I hold back the one that compliments my program the best. On another note, all of the other 6 puppies are amazing and will make wonderful pets! I would keep them all if I could... but my husband wouldn’t be very happy. Lol