My Favorite Dog Products

Below are some of my all time favorite products that I use with my dogs. I use the Royal Canin line for my puppies. Stella and Chewy and Vital Essential are my go to for dry food and snacks. I use Mercola Meal Mix when I want to make them a homemade meal. Just Food For dogs is my favorite fish oil supplement. Puppy Lyte is an awesome substitute for Pedialyte. Pet Shoppe dog biscuits from Walgreens are my dogs most beloved treat! They also love freeze dried fish.

I made a batch of hamburger and vegetables with the Dr. Mercola Meal Mix for the adult dogs today. I’ll freeze what they won’t use within the next few days for later use. As you can see.... my dogs are spoiled. 🐶❤️🐶

Puppy kisses.❤️🐶