Separation Anxiety in Puppies/Dogs

Some puppies/dogs become very anxious when left alone. One of the easiest things you can do to help with this issue is to create a den like area for the dog. The den like area will help you puppy/dog to feel

safe and secure. You can create a den by using a playpen with a crate inside during the potty training phase. After the potty training phase, if your dog has free roam of the house, simply have a comfy crate with the door open that he/she can go to if needed. Make sure to have a comfortable bed and a few of his or her favorite toys in the area for added security and to keep him/her occupied. Chew toys and treat dispensers are great additions. Another idea would be to get a Snuggle Puppy which has a heart beat and often provides a sense of calm.❤️🐶