Puppy Travel Options

Below are my transportation options copied from my website.

I don't ship Shih Tzu puppies. Shih Tzus are a brachycephalic (short nosed) breed and can have adverse breathing issues if they are subject to a long plane trip. I will allow a short ride in cabin. I sell locally in Arizona, but do sell to neighboring states as long as the car ride isn't too lengthy. You're welcome to come pick up your new puppy from my home. If you prefer, I can meet you half way at no additional cost as long as you don't live more than 2 hours away. Or, I can meet you at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for free!

I don't use a flight nanny or ground transport, but my husband or I would be happy to fill this role if you need help with transportation as long as our schedules allow for travel. I offer the option of having my husband or I flying in cabin to get the puppy to you if you live in a nearby state that offers a direct flight that isn't too lengthy. My husband or I will also be happy to drive your puppy to your city of residence as long as you live with in 7 hours of my home. The last two options will cost an additional $250-$1000 on top of puppy purchase price. Contact me for further details.