Home Sweet Home

Sending my babies to their forever homes is bittersweet and the hardest part of the process. They certainly will be missed by my household as they slowly leave one by one. They were truly loved by every human and animal in my home minus the guinea pigs. They never really got acquainted. 🤣

The part that makes it worthwhile is knowing that I sent them to a new place where they are going to be loved for the rest of their lives. This is why I require so much information on my applicants. It would be much easier to just take the money and say here’s your puppy. But, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do everything in my power to be certain that I’m sending them to the best families possible. They will be with that family for the next 12 plus years. On another note, My family does miss each and every puppy that leaves. Remember, we loved them first. 😄❤️🐶 Also, a big thank you to all my puppy parents that send me frequent photos and updates. My heart melts every time I see a photo of one of the puppies growing up and enjoying life. Those photos and updates mean more than you know. My children’s eyes light up every time I tell them I have a new picture to show them. ❤️🐶

Last but not least, I am here for breeder support for the rest of your puppy’s life. I would be more than happy to answer questions and do anything in my power to help. please don’t hesitate to contact me if you every need anything at all.🐶💕