New Puppy Tips

Today I thought I’d share some tips on how to get through the new puppy phase.🐶

  1. Puppy Proof the home before you bring home the puppy. Puppies get into everything! When you’re not able to supervise the puppy make sure he/she is in a safe place like a puppy playpen or crate.

  2. Start grooming as soon as vaccine series is complete at around 14-16 weeks. A word of caution- Keep your puppy away from other animals outside from your own pets if possible before the vaccine series is complete. A puppies immune system isn’t full developed and is susceptible to viruses and pathogens.)

  3. Make sure to clip puppies toe nails and clean ears and teeth as often your veterinarian directs.

  4. Reward your puppy when you catch him/ her doing something positive. Healthy treats are a great training tool.

  5. Take your puppy to his/ her designated potty area often in the beginning! Potty training is about patience and repetition. Praise is also important every time he/she potty’s where you want. Puppies can usually hold their urine their age in months plus one. So a two month old puppy can hold it about 3 hours in the day and a little longer at night if your lucky!

  6. Puppy proof the yard before you bring the puppy home as well. Puppies will try to eat almost anything. Install Pup Tox or a similar app on your phone. You’ll be surprised with how many things are poisonous to dogs. Remove all toxic items indoors and outdoors. If this isn‘t possible then make all toxic items non assessable to your puppy.

  7. Don‘t leave your puppy unattended in the yard. Birds of prey, snakes, scorpions and a whole lot more hidden dangers may be lurking near by!

  8. Don‘t make a big fuss when you come home unless you want your puppy/dog always making a scene whenever you arrive.

  9. Puppies teethe and will chew on you if allowed. Offer them a chew toy instead.

  10. Try and brush your Shih Tzus hair daily. If you don’t brush their hair frequently it will get matted. Pay particular attention to the legs and under the ears.

  11. Shih Tzus are a brachycephalic breed. Sometimes they reverse sneeze. It May look like they are struggling to breath but they aren’t. (You tube it for a better visual with sound.) A simple solution is to cover their nose so they are forced to breath out their mouth. This has worked for me every time! You can google other solutions as well if you like.

  12. Buy an enzyme based cleaner for puppy messes.

  13. Puppies get used to familiar household noises. If your puppy is experiencing separation anxiety try leaving the tv or radio on when you’re not around.

  14. Don’t hesitate to call or text me if you need advice or have any questions. I will be there for you throughout the life of the puppy!🐶❤️