Pig Rails

What are pig rails and why are they needed? Pig rails are the white PVC pipe that you see around the boarder of my Whelping Box. When Dams have a litter of puppies they can accidentally lay against the side of the whelping pen and suffocate the puppies. The pig rails are a safe place for a puppy to nestle under if Mom should get too close to the walls of the box. I use the pig rails for the first few weeks after the litter arrives. When the puppies are older, and are more mobile they can be safely removed. On another note, they aren’t a guarantee. A Dam may lay in the middle of the pen which can still put puppies at risk. Also, I have the whelping box set up in my bedroom the first few weeks so I can listen for squeals. I also have a ring monitor facing the whelping box when I cannot be right next to the puppies. There still is a chance that a puppy could be harmed, but I do my very best to avoid the possibility. ❤️🐶🐾 Have a great holiday weekend!