Shih Tzus and Temperament

I moved the steps away to keep Daisy away from the popcorn. She still managed to find a way onto the couch. This determined girly never gives up until she succeeds. She definitely doesn’t lack confidence or motivation. This brings me to the topic of dogs and temperament. It is extremely important when choosing a puppy to not only choose a dog that is even tempered, but also to choose a dog that has a personality that will fit in with your family dynamics. For example, a puppy that is mostly content playing by his/herself might be an awesome pet for a family that has a busy schedule because he/she will probably have an easier time keeping busy. On the tip side of the scale, the puppy that is always looking for littermates, human attention or is sensitive may do better in a household that has more down time and is able to give more attention to the dog. Some temperament traits are genetic. That is why it’s very important that breeders choose breeding stock that have even temperaments. Other traits are learned. This is why I think it’s so important to keep my puppies until they are closer to the 12 week mark. This gives puppies the opportunity to learn essential social skills from there Mom and littermates.