Puppy Placing / Vet Check

The puppies will go for their first set of vaccines on Father’s Day - June 20. The veterinarian will also do a thorough health check on each puppy. Shortly after, I will have the hard job of telling potential puppy owners from the approval list whether or not they were chosen to come visit and put down a deposit on a puppy. I compare this step to the “2nd” interview. Many of you have made it to the second interview and have chosen whether you want a male, female, or either. But, unfortunately I don’t have enough puppies for everyone. Some of you will be very hurt when you find out somebody else was a better fit and got a puppy instead. I’ve already had a few people who didn’t make it past the first interview send me hurtful messages and angry faces on Facebook. This is sad and makes my job very difficult. 😞🐶

My job is to advocate for the puppies and their futures since they don’t have a voice of their own. Each of you took a risk when applying for one of my puppies. I have been clear from the beginning that my 1st goal is the future of the puppies. My second goal is happy puppy clients. 😄🐶 If you’re not comfortable with the way I run my program and waiting until the 9 week mark to find out whether or not you’ve been chosen, I recommend looking for a puppy from another breeder. Good Dog and AKC marketplace are great places to start. On another note, if you’re comfortable knowing that you may not end up with a puppy from this litter and are willing to take your chances... thank you for your patience. I wish there were another way to orchestrate this process that was less painful to all!

Below is a list of some of the final criteria I am using to consider who will be receiving a puppy. (Note- I haven’t decided 💯 on any candidate yet. I am still getting to know the puppies personalities while carefully considering which candidates would be the best match.)


-Do I feel I have gotten the opportunity to get to know the candidate well through phone and video calls, application/questionnaire, social media such as Facebook, etc? Has the candidate provided me with any other information that would help me to get to know him/her better?

-Will the candidate be able to provide for the puppy for his/her entire life? What is the likelihood that the puppy may need to be rehomed at some point? How would this effect the dog? Shih Tzus live up to 17 years. Is there someone nearby that the dog knows well that would be able to take the dog in if this becomes a reality?

-Which candidate will be able to provide the puppy with the healthiest life