Program at a Glance

Hello everybody! I’ve been working hard making changes to my website. I’m trying to make it easier to navigate. I will continue with the tweaks until I get it perfected. More importantly, I added a new page under the menu tab-Program at a Glance. I highly recommend that you read it if you plan on possibly purchasing a puppy from me. I go over Puppy Curriculum, temperament testing/Puppy evaluations And other important information that makes my program unique. I also explain the process/timeline that’s involved in regards to purchasing a puppy. I also added a page explaining how my waitlist works. Finally, I’ve updated the contract and the application/questionnaire - I’m still tweaking them but should have them perfected before the next litter. Send me an email/text if you can think of anything important you’d like to see added to the program. I’d love your input!😄 Have a great weekend!🐾🐶