My Program at a Glance

The Arizona Sunrise Shih Tzu Difference


Pricing ranges from $3,500 to $4000.  Price varies based on structure and confirmation, gender, color/markings, temperament, etc. Pricing details will be given to final applicants before puppy selection day. This gives me time to observe puppies and watch them develop.


Purchase Price Includes:

---A puppy that comes from parents that have been DNA tested to guarantee purebred heritage.

---A Shih Tzu puppy who's parents have been awarded Excellent which is Good Dog's highest health rating approval.

---A puppy that comes with a two year genetic health guarantee.

---A puppy that will be up to date on vaccinations and deworming.

---A puppy that has been checked over by a licensed veterinarian.

---A puppy that has been microchipped.

---A puppy that remained with his/her mother and littermates during the critical socialization period that takes place within the first 12 weeks of life.

---A puppy who received Early Neurological Stimulation in order to improve stress tolerance, heart function, adrenal function, and disease resistance. 

---A puppy who received Early Scent Introduction to develop a keen sense of smell and to develop a strong level of confidence in all aspects of life. 

---A puppy that has been raised the Puppy Culture way and on the BAB advanced service dog curriculum which challenges all puppies to live up to their full potential. All puppies are exposed to different tactile experiences, different types of objects, different types of people, different types of sights and sounds, different environments, and different situations to create confident, well rounded, resilient puppies.

---A puppy that has underwent temperament testing/puppy evaluations.

---A puppy who receives daily human interaction and has been exposed to a 10 step handling protocol daily in order to increase his/her comfort level when it comes to being handled.

---A puppy who has been started on the potty training process.

---A puppy that has been introduced to crate training.

---A puppy that is used to being groomed from a young age. I trim eye hair, clip nails, and brush daily to create compliance.

---A puppy that has been raised in my home with my family and our other adult dogs.

---A puppy that will go home with a Puppy Essentials pack.

---A puppy that may be enrolled in Baxter & Bella's online puppy school at a 25 % discount when the discount code: ARIZONASUNSHINE is used at checkout.

---A puppy that is eligible to receive 30 days of free health insurance through Trupanion.

---A puppy that will always receive breeder support for the rest of his or her life!

I look forward to working with each and everyone of you.  I would like nothing more than to help guide you on your journey to finding the perfect puppy. 


--Arizona Sunrise Shih tzus and Poos

Puppy Evaluations and Temperament Testing 

All of my puppies will go through a series of curriculum enrichment activities that will help stimulate them intellectually, developmentally, and socially.  As I've mentioned before,  puppies are the easiest to condition during their first 12 weeks of life! As an ethical breeder,  I understand that I cannot control the entire outcome in regards to the puppies temperament, but I can do my very best to help shape well-rounded companion animals. 


 All puppies will go through temperament testing and puppy evaluations as well. Placing puppies in the correct home environment is one of the most important goals of my program. I breed companion animals that will spend the next 10 plus years in their new homes. In order for the match to be successful, the family and the puppy need to be compatible. I make it my duty to help each family find the puppy that will best meet their needs.


 Puppy evaluation/temperament testing will take place at approximately 8/9 weeks. I don't let families  choose a specific puppy before this time. After temperament testing and puppy evaluations are complete, I will share the information with the families who are on the finalized litter list.  The clients and I will work together to figure out which puppies have the qualities that are most suitable for their family lifestyle. 

Breeding Goals and Communication

Another important aspect of my program is my breeding goals. It is my duty as an ethical breeder to better the breed. I try to breed healthy, well tempered companion animals. In order to improve my program, it is pertinent that the lines of communication remain open after puppies go home. I am looking for puppy owners who are comfortable entering into a long term relationship. I appreciate new owners that are willing to send a photo or video, answer questions and give updates from time to time. This information helps me gain important knowledge about the puppies temperament and health which is important to the future of my program as a whole. Without this knowledge, I cannot learn how to better myself as a breeder.  Remember, my job is to create well rounded companion animals for families.

Puppy Visit and Safety Protocol

After the first set of vaccinations and vet health check at approximately 9 weeks, families who have been chosen to receive a puppy may come to my home and meet the puppies and make their final decision on which puppy they would like to commit too. I'd be happy to set up a video conference call if clients cannot make it in person. Remember, this is just a visit. Puppies will not be eligible to go home until 11/12 weeks. 


I only allow the one puppy visit mentioned above. Puppies have an undeveloped immune system. They aren't completely protected from viruses such as Parvovirus until their puppy vaccinations are complete at around 16-18 weeks. Parvovirus is highly contagious and can be fatal. It can wipe out a whole litter. On the other hand, I understand the need to meet your future puppy. As long as you are willing to follow a few simple guidelines we can minimize the risk to the puppies. 

For at least a week before the visit, avoid visiting dog parks, pet stores, shelters, and any other places where you may encounter an unvaccinated or sick animal. Please shower the day of the visit and put on a pair of freshly laundered clothes. Once you arrive at my home there will be a mat filled with disinfectant for you to step in or you may opt to remove your shoes. I will provide a pair of surgical slip ons for you to wear. I will aslo have you sanitize your hands before handling the puppies.