Interest List


Step 1


Please fill out the application in order to be added to the Interest List. Being on the Interest List


doesn't secure/guarantee a puppy.  I still reserve the right to vet potential candidates to make sure


puppies are placed in homes best suited to their individual temperament and their new families needs.


The Interest List simply begins the process of getting to know one another!



Step 2


When puppies are a few weeks old and thriving, I will begin to set up video conference interviews in


order to get to know possible puppy parents better. The more transparent you are, the easier it will


be for me to determine whether or not you're a potential match. I am looking for clients that are


interested in investing in a lifelong relationship. Each and every puppy that is born into my home


owns a piece of my heart and is part of my legacy.


Step 3


Once all the interviews have been completed and I'm done vetting potential candidates, I will contact the


families on the interest list in order application was approved and received, as long as I still feel they're a


good fit for a puppy from the litter and I have enough puppies available. I will let the clients know their


number order for choosing a puppy at this time as well. Clients may place the $500 reservation fee to


secure their place in line. Families will have two days to decide whether or not they want to move


forward.  If I don't hear back from clients within two days, I will move on to the next in line.



Step 4


Individuals that have been chosen to receive a puppy from the litter may come to my home and choose a


specific puppy when the puppies are approximately 9 weeks old.   Litter evaluations will be available to


clients before puppy pick day.  Puppies will be chosen based on clients place in line on the litter list.


Breeder will give each client specific details about their pick spot.  Breeder reserves the right to first and


second pick. Breeder may forfeit her place in line and may


donate, reassign, or auction off her two pick spots. The puppy visit will take place at around 9


weeks, after the first set of vaccinations, vet health check, and puppy evaluations/temperament


testing is complete. This is just a visit, puppies will not be eligible to go home until 11/12 weeks.





The goal of my program is correct puppy placement to ensure both the puppy and the family are


compatible for the next 10 plus years. If you're not comfortable with my policies and procedures, I


may not be the right breeder for you to work with. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or


my website blog for current puppy updates and photos.  I post the most content on Instagram!