How I Got Started

I started out as a 1st grade elementary school teacher. My husband is a business instructor at Arizona State University. My oldest son is in college studying to be a doctor. I currently have two teenagers in high school as well. I stopped teaching shortly after my first child was born in order to stay home and take care of my children.

As my children started to grow older we decided to bring a pet into the family. We purchased Izzy a Teddybear breed. Teddybears are a small/toy breed known to be hypoallergenic which was very important because two of my three children are allergic to dogs.


To make a long story short, my husband and I loved raising dogs so much that we added a Shih Tzu to our family. One quickly became two, then three, then the saying goes...the more the merrier! I have now reached a chapter in my life where my children are grown. I thought about going back to teaching, but home is where my heart is...with my family which includes my dogs! 


I have spent countless hours/days/weeks acquiring as much information about Shih Tzu dog breeding as possible. I have read everything I have been able to get my hands on! My bookshelf can attest to this! As I mentioned on the home page, I have taken and successfully completed The Whelping & Medical Intervention exam and the Nutritional Influences on Reproduction exam through The American Kennel Club. I've also taken courses through Avidog, Puppy Culture, Midwoofery and the Badass Breeder program. 


My certificates, registration papers, and any health testing results that have been preformed on my breeding adults will all be available for viewing when you come to visit your future puppy! My main goal is to provide my customers with a healthy, high quality, even tempered pet that can bring as much joy and love as our pets have provided us with over the years!  


---Best wishes,


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